You can always order writing a dissertation proposal from professionals. The thesis can be written not only on the basis of materials of the customer. Dissertations for the degree of candidate of physical and mathematical sciences are not particularly popular today. The most prestigious today are economic, political, legal sciences. When the main part of the paper is completed – it’s up to draft. Computer set, printing of four or five copies, binding papers are not included in this price. But you have to pay. But here’s a thesis written. The process of approbation begins, or it is often referred to as preliminary protection. Their number is usually not large – 1-2.

Finally, the approbation phase has been passed. Documents are submitted to a specialized academic council, and the next stage begins – sending out abstracts to various organizations, collecting feedback on them, reviews from official opponents and the leading organization. Getting feedback from official opponents is a gentle process. And it should be approached very delicately. The last stage is the defense of the thesis. In order for it to pass in such cases without complications (especially in those cases when the dissertation was prepared not independently), the dissertation option is presented to the chairman of the specialized council.

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Writing a master’s thesis is the final stage of training in the magistracy. In the master’s thesis, more attention should be paid to the theoretical and scientific aspects of the topic. It should be comprehensively researched from many sources, with real references and quotations. And already on the basis of generalizations conclusions should be made, schemes, models, etc. should be built. The practical part (if there is one) should be just an approbation of the model or idea put forward in the theoretical part, therefore, it must be based, including on the application of models (economic and mathematical models for master’s theses in economics), and proposals on improvement of legal regulation, changes in legislation and law enforcement practice (for master’s theses in law).

The master’s thesis requires high uniqueness, which cannot be adjusted by “anti-plagiarist killers” (you will be quickly calculated and not allowed to be defended), which is why the paper should be written in your own words, but at the same time, scientific. It is often required to write articles for a master’s thesis, which, prior to its defense, should be published, and the work itself and the abstract to it should contain references to these publications.

In general, in the master’s thesis there should be a sufficiently deep analysis of the sources. These are not just textbooks (just textbooks here and are not particularly recommended to be used and quoted), but monographs, periodicals and other dissertations (mostly candidate and doctor’s, of course). Periodicals are what are published in scientific journals. Yes, there are useful sites where there are a lot of scans and texts with scientific articles in different directions. From there you can take, but not using the method of copy-paste, but making a deep rewrite of information. And so the proposals must be done independently in the third part. Perhaps, on the basis of the information you read in the article, or maybe simply on the basis of your own experience (especially if we are talking about proposals for a particular enterprise, if it is considered in the practical part).

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